Disapprove-Not my world

D-beat crust punks Disapprove from Kuopio, Finland, are back with Not My Word, their 3rd recording after Life's Hell (2017) and Agony of War (2018). The band continues to deliver the same high levels of excellent D-beat crust punk in 5 songs and nearly 10 minutes. Recording, mixing and mastering by Erkka Närhi. Currently available in bandcamp and youtube
Not my world and Agony of War comes as one release ubder the title Devastation by Blown Out Media in November 2019 as 12 inch vinyl.


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Blown Out Media said...

This one is going on Side A of a big record with Agony of War on Side B to be released by Blown Out Media (BOM-2019-07). Scheduled to be on press November 20, 2019.