Genogeist-5 track demo (tape)

Well yeah i have posted this a few months ago when it popped up in youtube and now it  comes out on cassette format, Vox Nihili Records in USA and Black Konflk in Malaysia  just unleashed it and thats good cos this piece of filthy stenchcore deserves a physical release. thats what was written a few  moths ago about it:
"This is raw and primitive stenchcore from Portland, Oregon: Genogeist is a new band with members involved in many other well known bands (Despair, Dodladge,GAASP,Filthchain, Terminal Conquest, Vastation, etc) and here's their first demo. delivering five songs of heavy, filthy Apocalyptic cyber crust  available  in digital format and cassette. The demo lasts for nearly sixteen minutes and brings old school stenchcore with mid paced speed, metalic riffs and rough vocals, all these seem coming straight from the past (Misery, UK classic 80's crust) with a strong Japanese metallic crust flavor (S.D.S., Effigy),. There is no any site, bandcamp, farcebook or whatever for the band."

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