Disclone-Once The Genocide Started EP

Disclone hail from Klagenfurt, Austria and deliver chaotic punk, sometimes its more traditional D-beat raw punk and sometimes it has black metal influences but whats common in all their releases is the chaotic noise they deliver.  Once The Genocide Started is their latest work (they already have a shitload of noisy releases, all available in bandcamp), the title reffers to Disclose's Once the War Started classic ep and thars not by chance: This is D-beat raw punk deeply into the subgenre without the black metal hints and influences of the earlier releases and a follow to the previious Victims of the War from 2017. No novelties, no long intros, no acoustic parts, no melodies, no shit: This is noise not music. Nine minutes and six songs including Disclose's The Aspects of War, all brought thought over-distorted ear tormenting raw noise. Once The Genocide Started is available in bandcamp.  If you are into the distorted raw punk then this is for you.


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