Lifeless Dark-Who Will Be The Victims? (tape)

Lifeless Dark hail from Boston, Massachusetts. Wheni first listened this i din't know anything about them , Revenge Records says that the drummer is in the band Innocent (raw punks with female vocals) and if you check Discogs you will find they are connected with loads of bands. Anyway, this is their debut recording, it comes as cassette and delivers five songs including one intrumental. Music wise this can be called stenchcore metal or hardcore thrash metal or something like that but one thing can be said for sure: This female fronted band is the absolut Sacrilege clone: Who Will Be The Victims? remnds of the UK legends since it sounds like a heavy version of their demos or Behind the Realm of Madness. (btw another girl plays guitar in the band). The cassette was self-released, still available. All and all, this is amazing piece of  thrashing metal hardcore, i hope to hear news about new recording by them.


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