Gutterskull-Portals Amidst The Carnage (tape)

GutterSkull hail from Požega-Slavonia County, Croatia and its the one man project of kktz, member of Nuclear Altar and author of the now defunct and erased Wasted Potentials and Corpus Delicti blogs, this is the second recording of Gutterskull after Crawling is Disgust cassette from 2015. Portals Amidst The Carnage continues in the same pathway, it comes out as cassette, released by Olden Sonorities in 50 hand-numbered copies, it consists of six tracks and music wise this is Raw D-beat Black Metal Punk: D-beat drums, high pitched black metal shrieks, sick morbid lyrics and punk guitar riff create a sinister blending of genres. Total running time seven minutes. The cassette is available from Olden Sonorities and in bandcamp

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