Arid-Scars of War

This is Blackened Crust from Chicago, Illinois USA: Arid  describe them selves as "Anti-fascist, Anti-state, Anti-human and Misanthropic D.I.Y. band", they first appeared with their demo recorded in 2014 and Offerings cassette ep released in 2016. Scars of War delivers five songs incl. the cover of Doom's Nazi Die, the music ballances between crust punk and black metal, sometimes diving into infernal black metal realms and then into typical crust parts,the vocal style ranges from black metal high pitched shrieks to the crusty deep low throaty howls and that makes the whole thing more interesting. Nazi Die is nicely covered and it is not the only anti nazi song here. Nice and interesting effort and what they do really works. The release is available in bandcamp along with lyrics. Arid is part of Dystopian Cult Records & Warcrust Records


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