Mobattack-The side effects of war

Mobattack is a D-Beat Crust band from Riverside and Corona California, started about seven years ago under the name Disband and members are/were invlolved in other bands such as Holokaust and others, we know them from the split cd with Disease,posted here (this was recently released as vinyl by by Unified Resistance Records) and from Live Doomsday cassette on Desörden from 2014.
The Side Effects of War was released by Civil Records, a label based in Azusa, California, USA, and is currently only in digital format in bandcamp, it delivers 23 songs including the re-recorded songs from the split with Disease. The release is lengthy since reaches 44 minutes of running time, this is enough to satisfy your longing for d-beat and brings you fast, angry and ferosious D-beat crust. The cover of Disclose's Conquest is nicely done. Hope this will come out in physical format


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