Dism-Warmageddon (tape 2017)

Malaysia is a country that has offered some great bands during the last years, Wärfear, Braincell, Krigssystemet etc (btw Wärfear, Braincell are on works for a split ep), Dism is aonther new band, formed in Kuala Lumpur with members carrying a history in acts such as Psychö Sickness, The Dirty Dogs, Discrusher, Dissosial, Military Toyz and The Bongox, they mention bands such as Discharge, Broken Bones, Disgust, Raw Noise, Extreme Noise Terror, Doom and Disclose as their influence and more or less thats what  they deliver: Warmageddon is band's first release, come as cassette, it consists of twelve songs (incl. an intro and an outro) and delivers crusty flavored old school D-beat in the vein of Discharge, Anti Cimex and the likes while the last track 'A nightmare for today' has this Broken Bones feeling. The sound quality is decent and honestly this is a great cassette and delivers the goods. Tony 'Bones' Roberts (Broken Bones/Discharge) and Tom Bollock (The Bollocks, Carouretor Dung) appear as special guests during the recording. The band contributed two songs in Avantcharge Mass Crust Mental tape comp.  Warmageddon  is lenghty enough (it lasts 29 minutes and comes with sticker and poster)and thats another good shit about it, it is available from the band (there is a second pressing coming out in July since 1st is sold out very very fast) and in bandcamp and youtube. Dism will visit UK next year, check their fb page for more future news,patches, tees etc.


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