Doomed Again/Sarkast-Doomed Sarkast split tape (Desorden, 2017)

Doomed Sarkast is a split of Doomed Again from Greece and Sarkast from Germany, it comes in cassette format and is released by Desörden. Doomed Again are not new here since i have posted their previous works , this split is their fifth release and they just announced the recording of new tracks for an aupcoming ep titled "D-Beat the Bastards". For those who are not familiar with the band, Doomed Again was formed by people who carry a history in noisy, grinding acts such as Head Cleaner, Slaughtergrave, Homo Iratus etc and they deliver old school D-Beat coming straight from the 80's. Here they contribute three tracks and they deliver the goods without reinventing the wheel. Old school worship without the grinding hnts of their early relases. Sarkast come from Bremen, Germoney, birthplace of Carol, Acme, Acid rain Dance etc they are a crust/powerviolence band, and they recently released their first lp, De-Genaration  Here, they offer four songs of crusty powerviolence/hardcore with fast beat and rough shouted vocals. The cassette came out after a long long delay, it includes lyrics and comes in quality shell/cover, well done Mike Desörden! Total running time 11:40".

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