Mob 47-Sjuk Värld tape

Official re-issue on pro-printed tape by Black Konflik in 2016, originally from Ägg Tapes 1984. 12 songs and nearly 10 minutes of Swedish punk. Each cassette comes with free sticker. "In the spring of 1984 Mob 47 released their EP (just called EP). Some of the songs was also found on the Really Fast Vol.1 compilation.After that, this tape (Sjuk Värld – Sick World) was released on Ägg and Tape records. The recording was made in the Bowlingstudio using a 4 channel porta equipment. Åke is a great bowler and the band had the studio in a bowling alley owned by his parents. You are to expect raw hardcore in maximum speed. (from Swedishpunkzines).


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