Anti-Diktatur-Demo Live '13 tape

Anti-Diktatur hail from Bogotá, Colombia, the band was created from the need to play music simply basic but well made; we are influenced mainly by the finnish punk, the scandinavian hardcore and the mountain punk of the "developing" world. Incl. members of Pütchi, Maniatikatz and Amor & Rabia.  Demo Live '13 is a seven track demo and as the title says it was live recorded and this is obvious from the raw sound quality. There are six tracks in bandcamp but you can get the complete seven track demo in a download link. along with artwork.  What the band can deliver is revealed in Identitad, a track recently recorded with much better sound quality

dnld link

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Unknown said...

muy creativo el nombre de la banda
"Queer D-beat!" they say