Wärfear-st demo tape

Wärfear hail from Malaysia and they are are another great band i recently discovered after Braincell and Krigssystemet, There is no any site around, nor farcebook page, the only thing i know is that members are/were in Antiprotokol, Melarat, Kerenaneko, Osmantikos and Grin(d)amage. (thanx Altar Aksara!), anyway the band first unleashed three songs from their demo in bandcamp and recently they uploaded the fourth song (guys please upload the fifth track, please!) The five songs were recorded in April 2016, the demo will come out as cassette but no infos about how many copies, what label(s) there is (are) behind etc, And we reach to the crucial point: the music.Braincell and their Doom worship was a nice surprise to me some months ago, now Wärfear and their Wolfpack worship deliver some great crust tunes and deliver the goods too. Blasting riffs with metallic feeling, rough shouting vocals, pummeling bass and the usual D-beat. The sound is decent, the whole shit reminiscent of Wolfpack, Wolfbrigade and Tragedy: Powerful crust with melodic lines that make it interesting with out becoming cheesy and shitty. As conclusion: This is a hell of crust and a great debute demo tape. The cassette consists of five songs and just came out, in case you want a copy, there is a contact address in bandcamp, in the meantime you can listen the demo in bandcamp, enjoy it.


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