Discum-5 track demo tape

Discum is one man band from  Ciudad Neza, Mexico, formed in 2011 by a guy named Old Skull, the first demo came out in 2012 and was titled Against Oppressive State, it was followed by split with Absolute Indignation and a 4 way split with Faršas, Bruten and Absolute Indignation. 5 track demo is Discum's latest release so far, it first popped up in bandcamp and later it was released as cassette by Tyranny Grinder, a Thailand based label who releases tapes. The cassette lasts over twelve minutes and consists of five track incl. a Disclose cover, Music wise this is not another raw punk band as expected since a Disclose cover is included but a rough crust/grind machinery with brutal death metal vocals and D-beat drum work, the combination seems to work, the guitar has a thick and solid sound fitting with the monstrous vocals and the D-beat force. Disclose's Conquest is well covered with band's own feeling.  You can get a copy from the label and listen it in bandcamp


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