Disarmy-The path of war

First post of this year is a new D-beat band from Greece and Macedonia, Disarmy include members of Disease, Dissected, Doomed Again and Teknokrater and The path of war is their first release, currently available in bandcamp and soon out as promo cd. Members of Dissected, Doomed Again and Teknokrater formed Ηχητική Ναυτία (Sonic nausea) but here they let aside the chaotic noise core and deliver pure D-beat coming straight from the 80's: The path of war brings five tracks and nearly nine minutes of midpaced D-beat punk, there is no any reinventing of wheel here, this is the typical punk delivered by the Discharge worshipers during the last decades, simple and minimalistic three chord riffs and following basslines, raw sound full of distortion, the lyrics are the usual anti-war themed and the shouted vocals by the guy from Disease, the sound quality is the appropriate for the genre and delivers the raw filth and...this is it. You love D-beat noise? then go for it, This will come out as promo cdr soon (there's no site or whatever, just a bandcamp page where you can listen/download it for free. There is a dnld link provided by the band incl, tracks, covers, etc


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