Godhole/Crozier-Anthropophobia split 7"

A piece of brutal noise here: Savagely dissonant yet emotive grindcore/powerviolence trio Godhole team up with Scottish harsh noise legend and cultivator of Vile Noise Records, Crozier on this brutal 7". The 7" features 7 tracks of face melting punk chaos slamming against barbaric harsh noise walls, brain scrambling signal generators and ear bleed inducing noise. The release is accompanied by a three track EP bonus purist power electronics tracks collaborated on by Jamie of Godhole and Crozier. Thats the soundtrack of a world that collapses into its own misery and chaos, 7 minutes total running time for 7 songs without gaps among them are enough cause some ear bleeding, this is sick and catastrophic as can get. Download link is provided by Godhole (thanx!)

vid of complete ep
split ep
noise ep

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