Dislies/Crutchmutt-8 trax split tape

8 Trax tape is a split with Dislies and Crötchmutt contributing four songs each. Dislies come from Jogja, Indonesia, they formed in 2013, they first started as two men side project, you can read more here, Their contribution is four tracks of old school D-beat, noisy and aggressive, coming straight from the '80's and influenced by the usual suspects (Discharge, Doom etc). Crötchmutt hail from Canada, they are not unknown to this blog since their previous works are posted here, they deliver four pieces of D-beat and an Anti Cimex worship to the best years of band (the 1982-84 era), great guitar sound and nice vocals, excellent old school D-beat and don't forget that the band include members of mighty Absolut. All and all this is a killer split, a total ripper, both bands shread and delivers the goods for about fifteen minutes total running time. Released by Runstate Tapes from Canada in blue and black cassettes

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