Pissed Grave-Humans For Human Annihilation

This is the second release by Pissed Grave and is the follow up to their demo from 2013, for those who aren't familiar with the band, Pissed Grave come from TX, United States and include members of Tolar, Wild//Tribe, Rise of Necropolis and others, Humans For Human Annihilation  came out as cassette, it consists of  ten tracks (two of these appear in their first demo) and delivers the same grinding crustcore but this time the band sounds like it brough its own identity in noize makiing. This is brutal and furious and moves in the area of Disrupt and Destroy (Burn this racist system down) and such bands. The cassette was released by the Texan label Punk Alive  in 2014. Humans... is available in bandcamp too (there is a contact mail in case you want to score a copy)


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