Never Human-Demo tape 2014

Another great Make Noise Not Music shit here: Never Human come from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and was formed by punks who are/were also in a bunch of other bands such as Concrete Asylum, Contagium, Life Chain, Negative Rage, Castle Wolvestein, Negative Circles Envision and many others, The demo tape was recorded in January '14 and consists of seven tracks including a Necros cover, music wise it delivers raw and noizy punk with distorted guitars and cavernous vocals full of reverb and all this inferno comes under the D-beat driving force. Sounds good? yes it is and delivers the goods as it follows the tradition of Nova Scotia and Newfound Land bands in creating great pieces of noizy shit (Never Human members are/were in bands from these regions of country),  Check the link below. there's some email address if you want to get a copy. All and all this is a cool piece of distorted punk for all noize lovers out there, wish they continue and we ll hear more by them, enjoy it


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