Motron-demo 2013

Motron is a 4-piece band based in Varese (Northern Italy), born in early 2012, featuring member of Kontatto, Campus Sterminii, Miseria, Pioggia Nera and Green River Killer, music wise they bring "a blasting mix of raw crust, d-beat and rock'n roll in order to blow your ears and mind away".Their demo was recorded back in 2013 and consists of nine songs of Motorcharged crust punk having its roots in early Motorhead days blended with crust and delivers tunes in the vein of Inepsy, Speeddwolf and the likes with rough vocals. Really cool demo with excellent sound quality. This is the only release of Morton, in January 2015 they recorded new nongs and are soon to be released. You will find the demo in bandcamp and there is also a dnld link provided by the band, including the demo plus artwork and lyrics (thank you guys!), to be honest  this is much better than expected and i really enjoyed listening. best wishes for more recordings!

there or here

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