Ssyndrom-Demo tape 2014

Ssyndrom is a raw D-beat punk quartet from Sacramento, California and include members of Side Effects, Crour, Beer Junkies and Earslaughter, this is their first demo tape, released by Shithammer in 2014. The cassette contains four tracks and nearly seven minutes of raw punk, similar to the other Shithammer releases and heavily influenced by Shitlickers and Anti-Cimex. They describe their band as "Raw D-beat punk reminiscent of Anti-Cimex / Shitlickers with hints of Disorder, wildly blunt angry lyrics depicting the decay of one's self, to the atrocities of killing in the midst of war and revolution". The sound is raw and primitive but delivers the goods, the vocalist has a nice voice and reminds of Jonsson, in Nanking Contest and especially in War Torment his voice and the songs sounds like a forgotten recording of Anti Cimex from early '80's. Overall this is a little shit of noise which walks the same path of '80's worship just like countless other D-beat bands and pays homage to Anti Cimex and Shitlickers legacy, wish only there were more songs here. There is a little confusion about where they come from, in their farcebook they say Sacramento but Shithammer says they are from Oakland.The demo is available on band's and Shithammer's bandcamp (that label has released some killer tapes:Bombsplinter, Deras Krig, Ssyndrom, really great work!). Anyway no more blurb, go and listen it.

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