Dypnea/Unfit Earth-split lp

"Dyspnea from Tyrnavos (Greece) strike back following a six year long hiatus! It is noted that their split ΕΡ with Nakot was the first release by Scarecrow Records in 2007. Five gloomy and depressing crust songs composed during the past few years and recorded one afternoon in May 2013. Unfit Earth from Volos (Greece) present three heavy metallic crust songs recorded in spring 2013. Jaw-dropping artwork by the "almighty" Admczeroseven and mastering by Dan/Mammoth Sound Mastering. 500 copies on black vinyl. Dyspnea deliver excellent heavy & dark crust in the vein of Ictus, Dagda and Leadershit and also add a personal touch of bleakness & despair that transform into feelings of anger and vegeance through their lyrics. Unfit Earth go for a more old-school approach of the term “crust” sounding at times like a hybrid of Bolt Thrower and Napalm Death whilst not being afraid to throw some slow tunes here and there that bring to mind Fall Of Efrafa."
All these infos come from the labels pages and couldn't said better what we got here, just to say that Unfit Earth's first release was the split 7" with Dirty Wombs (listen here, download it here) while Dyspnea have a couple cdr releases. posted by Crustcracker. This is co-released by the bands and the following labels/distros: Sabrota DIY, Scarecrow, Scull Crasher Records, Weird Face Productions, True To The Game Records, We Don’t Fight It. Score a copy and listen it on bandcamp and soundcloud

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..crucified freedom.. said...

uff I like Dyspnea very much, even I'm not really a fan of bands stated here like comparisons.. I don't know, I always consider this band as a unique and pretty original (don't sayin' that there are no any similarities with mentioned bands, but I like Dyspnea more, hehe).. have their split ep w Nakot and it's great..
this one also sound great on 1st listening..
about Unfit Earth, this is first time I hear them but also sound good.. all in all very nice, powerful record..

7inchcrust said...

i can only agree with you about Dyspnea, they have their own sound and originality, Unfit earth is good too, i have their split with Dirty Wombs, their song is a shit brutal crust.