Viikset Moottoripyoa Klubi-Demo tape 2014

This band with the weird name is a short of mystery since as they said in their mail there is no any site of them, no bandcamp, no farcebook, no anything about them. All i know about this project is they come from France and include two members of the D-beat beaters Bakounine and they seem to be active since a google search gives many results about gigs they played. I don't know what their name means, the google translator says "Mustache Motorbike and club". Anyway, their demo comes as cassette, it was released recently and consists of nine songs (incl. an instrumental intro) and eighteen minutes of crust n roll/motor-crust, call whatever you like this Motorhead influenced crust, delivered by a shitload of bands around the world (Speedwolf, Whipstriker, Inepsy, Malignant Tumour and so many others), the quality of sound is decent and a little filthy, the vocalist has rough voice, the guitar deliver Motorhead-ish riffs, and the bassist is in the crowd drinking with the boozers: VMK is a duet, drums/guitar and no bass. Unfortunately the dnld file has not song titles so we can not know what mustache related shit they deal about in their lyrics. This is nice stuff where Motorhead meets Discharge and D-beat and create this joyful sonic landscape that stinks alcohol and makes you wanna dance and drink more and more and since we all love Motorhead and Discharge there is always space in your music taste for something like that. The download link is provided by the band. Listen it while having a drink (or more than one)


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