Time Killer-Bleed out

Time Killer is a new band from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Bleed Out is their debute ep, released i February '14. The band was formed by people who were in bands such as Deaf Kids, Drone Throne, Prosthetics and Speed Kills and include also a US guy who's currently living in Brazil. "We play a very fuzzed-out and distorted style of hardcore which draws influenced from oldschool speed metal as well as from japanese and scandanavian hardcore". Bleed Out consists of seven tracks of motor crust/crust n roll, this Motorhead influenced hybrid of punk and old school speed metal that smell alcohol. The songs are full of energy, sometimes the Motorhead influences are more than obvious while other times they add some more speed metal riffs. The sound quality is decent, the vocals are shouted and echoed and fit with the whole shit. Sinking in Shit is my favorite track, most of songs are fast with catchy riffs and only the eponymous song is slower and emotional. All and all this is a honest reording, full of energy and power and delivers the goods, this is for fans of Whipestriker, Speedwolf, old school speed metal and Motorhead. Bleed Out is currently available in digital format on bandcamp and Time Killer is looking for label. I didn't see any site of band around but there is a mail for contact


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