Hellback/Nuclear Altar-split tape (2014, Mentalna Smrt 'zine)

This is a split tape with two bands from Požega, Croatia, Hellback and Nuclear Altar, the split is released by Mentalna Smrt 'zine, this is the 3rd release of this zine which is also behind the Propast/Hellback/No Name/Nuclear Altar split tape. This is the latest recording for both bands, Hellback are some vets of the local scene, on their side we have 9 songs + intro, music varies from hardcore and punk to crust, some lower pace songs and some fast with influences of member's previous bands (Helldis and Fight Back), as well as bands whose covers they play. On other side, Nuclear Altar contribute 10 songs of crushing d-beat crust in style of Discharge, Doom, Hiatus, etc. with a lot of dark/disillusioned atmosphere which is especially visible in lyrics.. beside their songs they did two covers and those are by Discharge and Anti-Cimex, these ten tracks are already on bandcap for the digital release titled Blessed Ruins, (posted here) and was a nice surpsise when i discovered them some months ago. The tape comes out in only 100 copies so if you want to have your own get in touch.. price is 20kn or 3 euros, for all other info write at: jurica (dot) fejer (at) hotmail (dot) com or crufreedom (at) gmail (dot) com. Not any site for Hellback on the web.