Piss-Demo 2013

Piss come from Gernoney and this is their Bible, hey, wait no! this is their demo! ok now? They are a trio with two guys from Sweden and one from Spain, the guys from Sweden were also in Batalj and Sänkt so despite their young age they carry some history . Batalj were/is an expermental noise band while Sänkt is in the usual punk/hardcore territories. The demo was recorded in Berlin in 2013, it comes on cassette and the band had the smart idea to make it look like a bible book: The whole shit, front,back cover and even the inlay look like a bible or a religious book whatever, check the pictures here. Very interesting idea and someone would expect it from a death metal or black metal band or from a death/black metal orientated crust band and not from these raw punks, Piss have no any relation with these genres and i guess their only conenction with religion is a song titled Religion. The demo comes in 100 pieces of black cassettes and was released by Static Age, music wise this is frantic anf raging hardcore punk, simillar to the punk of Sänkt but even more rough, raw and pissed off with cacophonous dual shouted vocals and song titles such as Puke On the Patriarchy, How Simple Can Punk Get? Rest In Piss and Civil Cops. Thesy seem to have great sence of humor, i wish i could read their lyrics. There are nine songs and the singers shout in English and Swedish. The demo is a available via Static Age and also there is a mediafire link here, provided by the band (thank you!)


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