Okus-st cd

Okus hail from Drogheda, Ireland and this is their debute lp, released in 2013 by Underground Movement Records, they are a new band but members were in several bands such as The Dagda, Bleeding Rectum,  Sodb,  Two Tales Of Woe, Scavenger and Fuckhammer. Their eponymous cd consists of seven songs and nearly 30 minnutes of crust heavily influenced by death metal, doom and grindcore: Imagine the gloomy guitar sound of The Dagda into more metallic territories and the death metal sound of Entombed and At The Gates,  add some heavy pummeling bass, hard pounding drums with D-beat and blasts and rough vocals. The whole thing is dark and haunting as the songs run in fast pace, sometimes in crust/hardcore paths and then start raging in grinding parts or slowing down the beat into doomy breaks reminiscent Grief and such bands (check Born in Chains which is a doom/sludge song). Sound wise, everything is perfect. Somehow and in some way it reflects the Ireland's reality today, the same way Lethe's blackened crust does for Greece. Recorded and mixed at Dead Dog Studios by Johnny Kerr, Undergound Movement released this sonic hell in summer of '13 and it comes with great and haunting artwork (which fits with the music) done by Sean Fitzerald (Profane Existence, Cvlt Nation etc,etc). This is available in bandcamp (i wish lyrics were there too) and from Underground Movement. All and all this is a great debute and there is nothing to complain about. I wish to hear more by them


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