FaceOfAnother-Destroy all forms of oppression & Those who control, are controlled

FaceOfAnother is a band i discovered a few months ago, they come from Greece and they started as duet in 2011, recently a third person joined the band: FOA "was created by love for punk and by hate for Greece's fascist capitalist system. Basic idea is that", they are named after the Tanin no Kao sci-fi drama  with the same name" (more info here). Their discography includes the Destroy All Forms Of Oppression demo which was recorded in 2011.. and was followed by Those Who Control, Are Controlled ep,self-relased in 2013. Band members relocated in Scotland (stay there!don't come back!). In both releases the recordings are rehearsals, thus the rough and raw sound. Destroy All Forms Of Oppression delivers six pieces of rough blackened crust and 11:30"  of total running time. There are brutal vocals, distorted guitar and bass and D-beat driven drums, all create a hellish landscape, this stands somewhere between crust and black metal and so does Those Who Control, Are Controlled which is similar in spirit and feeling with only a slight difference in sound since it was recorded in different session  but with the same equipment. Those Who Control... includes also a massacred version of  the classic Victims of a Bombraid. Lyrics deal with political issues, "almost exclusively with anarchist political directions with a touch of esoteric reflection of questionings about humanity itself" . All and all this is dark and gloomy crust/blackened crust that reeks the inner garbage of humanity. Next step of FOA is a full lenght recording with much more blackness in it. Both releases can be found in bandcamp for you listening pleasure.Download links are provided by the band.

Destroy All Forms Of Oppression and vid
Those Who Control, Are Controlled and vid

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