Nuclear Altar-Blessed Ruins

Now here's something really great: Nuclear Altar hail from Požega, Croatia and Blessed Ruins is their first release and a great shit of D-beat crusty hardcore.We have met them in January '13 when Velimir from now on hiatus Crucified Freedom contributed the Propast/Hellback/No Name/Nuclear Altar 4 way split tape and kktz from Wasted Potentials and the long gone Corpus Delicti blogs added some infos in comments. Blessed Ruins consists of nine songs of pure old school D-beat having its roots in Discharge, Anti-Cimex, Doom, Hiatus and the likes. The songs run in the expected speed territories, the guitar delivers nice riffage, usual work for D-beat band but some times really interesting, the singer shouts his rhymes in Englsh (lyrics can be found in band's badncamp) and rhythm section bashes with no mercy, some times it slowers the pace mainly in the beginning of some songs. There are two covers here, the classics The Possibility of Life's Destruction by Discharge and Cries of Pain by Anti Cimex, both covered in excellent way. Sound wise there is great work done since there is rawness, distortion, heaviness and dismal darkness, each delivered in the appropriate percentage without the need of reaching chaotic levels just to be able to bring anger and fury. Great stuff! All songs are in the same level, no fillers here. All and all this is a nice piece of D-beat and genre fans will love it. For more infos about Požega punk scene check Wasted Potentials blog. Blessed Ruins is available for free in bandcamp and also a dnld link is provided by the band. Thanx to kktz and best wishes!

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Anonymous said...

thanx again

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..crucified freedom.. said...

yes, great stuff!.. friends from Požega take it serious with this one..
nice to see you're back here and on 7inch crust, too..

7inchcrust said...

hi Velimir, yes these guys are really great, i liked Blessed ruins a lot, wait to hear more by them.
and its great to see your blog back to life!, unfortunately i can't update 7inchcrust in regular basis, time will show when i will post some shit there.