Küiproküó-demo 2013

Küiproküó is a  d-beat trio from Brazil, they formed in spring of  '13 and this is their first demo released in last June, the band sent this demo a few months ago and in the meantime they took part in a four way split with Abusive and JxNxPx (Japura Noise Project) from Brazil, and Poisoned Truth  from Indonesia
Their demo delivers ten songs of distorted and noisy d-beat. the sound quality is raw and filthy, vocals are rough and brutal, lyrics are in Portuguese and if there is a phrase to describe this is "noise brutality"
In the 4 way split they contribute four new songs taken from different recording session with better sound quality, brutality and ferocity are still here but they take it a step beyond straightforward D-beat and they glance at the grindcore/crust-grind territories as the whole shit and drum work is way faster and different to what they deliver in demo, still good and enjoyable though (the rest 3 bands of 4 way split are grindcore acts and fit with Küiproküó )
All and all this is a nice effort even after the slight change of  their direction, if the demo was recorded with better production would be great, wait for more by them and apologies for this long long delay.

Demo 2013
4 way split

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