Disfigure-2nd demo tape

No need to say much about this: Disfigure were a short lived raw d-beat band from Atlanta, they formed in 2009 and included people from bands such as In Ruins, Ralph and Die Ficken, i posted their first demo tape in summer of '12. here then band members came up and added some info and a link to their second demo tape (thanx Scott and Gabe and once again apologies for the delay) so here it is, yes i know it took an eternity but its finally here. The demo was recorded with a slighly different like up the the first tape and delivers eight minutes of distorted sonic D-beat chaos and to coin Scott's saying this is "horrendous and out of tune" hahahahha. The file didn't include any cover ( here you got the cover of first demo) or tracklist and song titles so guys if you are still around add some information pleaz (thanx in advance!)


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