Burning Bright-Domesday

i discovered Burning Bright while i was browsing crust tags in bandcamp and it was a nice surprise to my ears, i stuck listening their record again and again, its one of these records with each song to be great and equal to the previous one and you don't stop listening it until the final tune and still can't believe how great it is. Burning Bright come from Caen, France and include people of  Aussitot Mort and Amanda Woorward,  Domesday is their first record after the split lp with Death Mercedes on Communication Is Not Words / Sieve And Sand Records.
Domesday comes on vinyl format and music wise delivers crust in the vein of Tragedy and From Ashes Rise, in quality and greatness in the level of these bands: Emotional crust with screamo post hardcore influences relflecting the history of members in Aussitot Mort and Amanda Woorward, sometimes melodic, sometimes melacholic and epic, ballancing the right way between melody and power, with great vocals singing personal thoughts and inner seach topics, great leading guitar lines and the usual  pummeling d-beat driven force always to be there. Sound quality is excellent. This is a great vinyl and they have put their own personality on it instead on making a Tragedy clone record. Domesday is available for streaming and if you pay the  ridiculously cheap price of 0,40 euro you can download it. There is also a download link provided by the band. All and all this is a masterpiece and one of the greatest records of this year. The record was released by a bunch or labels: North Cult RecordsSieve And Sand Records,  Desordre OrdonnĂ©, Unlock Yourself Records, 50 Year Storm Records and Walking Is Still Honest Records

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leakthyhaven said...

One of my personal favorite neo-crust albums of all time.
simply amazing damn it.

7inchcrust said...

yeah,its great record,one of the best of its sub-genre