Heat Shock/Azide Resistance split cd 2013

Here we are again, its been more than a month since the last post and yeah its been a month of hell and bullshit.A lot of shit happened and keeps happening and leaving no free time for updating nor some energy. Some other activities came up and completely stole any free time, honestly, during the last year i kept asking my self what's the meaning of continuing this shit since punk blogs came to a downfall and  bandcamp has took over. Anyway i ll keep doing this shit but not in regular basis and time will show....
Heat Shock/Azide Resistance  is a split cd with 2 bands coming from Russia,Heat Shock is Crust Punk / Thrash Metal band, formed in December 2011 and this is their second release after First cd in 2012, here they contribute five songs of a crust/ thrash hybrid including the massacre of a Green day song. Azide Resistance is a mystery since there is no any info on the web about them, they deliver 2 instrumental songs in the same vein of thrash metal/crust punk. If you are into metal punk then give it a listening, link is provided by Tomash (Heat Shock vox)


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