VA-Трибьют Discharge cd

Here is a Discharge tribute cd from Russia, i don't know anything about this release since there is no any information on cd cover, the guy who mailed it to me didn't include any information and a google serach returns no any answer. The compilation consists of ten bands: Örk Bastards, Distress, Kawakami Nightmare, Euthanasia, The LTP, Lead by Far, Предел Прочности (Tensile strength), the Bristled Up, the Minc and Vietnamese Guillotine. This is a nice tribute, the only bad thing here is the suffering from the difference or inequality  in sound quality among the bands since is raw or bad in some bands while others deliver their song in great sound production. This is an interesting effort including Distress the most well known abroad Russian D-beat band and some other bands known too (Kawakami Nightmare, the Minc), the rest bands are more or less unknown to me but some of them  unexpectedly cover nicely the the Discharge tracks. All and all this is a nice compilation and a tribute to those who have influenced myriads of bands, as a Discharge and D-beat lover i really liked it. Download link is provided by...the guy who contributed it ( i don't know if he has any relationship with the bands) and includes front and back cover, if you know any information about this release just drop some lines here.


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