Absolut-Demo tape 2013

This is a small trasure for all D-beat raw punk lovers: Distorted guitars and bass, fast pounding drums, shouted insane vocals full of echo and reverb, twisted guitar solos that pop up in the sonic hell, filthy sound quality. This is Absolut, they come from Toronto, Canada and this is their demo released in January 31 of 2013. The demo comes as cassette, it consists of six songs and nearly thirteen minutes of noisy, chaotic and raw d-punk in the vein of Disclose, Disorder, Leprosy, D-Clone, Electric Funeral and the likes. This is relentless and chaotic piece of noise, This is available for streaming and free downloading in their bandcamp, for a physical copy, contact the band of check some distros (Soap and Spikes etc). The tape is released by Cut The Cord That... Records, a German label with a shitload of releases under the belt incl. bands such as Vaccine, Isolation, Neon Piss  and many others.


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