Pololtia Micpetlacalli-Ancient Cult of Blasphemy tape 2012

One more release by Pololtia Micpetlacalli the one man noise project from Lima, Peru: I have posted several PM releases in the past (here) so more or less you probably  know what to expect here so walk on with out fear and listen it: Ancient Cult of Blasphemy comes in tape format and brings four tracks and ten minutes of the usual for PM artificial distorted black metal noise (since the only real instrument use here is percussion) and also atmospheric ambient-ish  nightmares into the horror world of gods of ancient Latin America.There are two blasting tracks delivering the usual artificial black metal sound-alike noise and the Alexander's brutal vocals and two atmospheric, emotional and haunting songs for a short journey to the netherworld of ancient gods. Song titles are in Spanish this time and the familiar for Pololtia Micpetlacalli wicked and psychotic feeling is always here. Total running time ten minutes. There is nothing else to say except that PM already have released two more releases on tape format during this year: Matando Occidentales and Noisy Pagan Disorder. Well done Alexander and cheers!


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