Hellexist-Life System Death System cdr 2008

This is a little bit old but what the hell,this is good: Sonic hell exists and has a name: Hellexist hail from Johor Bahru, Malaysia, they formed in 2007 and Life System Death System is their demo from 2008. So far they have several split releases under their belt: Split cd with Hellbömbs (2007, Broken Noise Recs), four way split cd with Discrusher, Black Wing of Vengeance and Dead Lock (2008, Kasyorga Records) and split 7" with Blinded Humanity (2012, Azagdhei Records). Life System Death System came out on tape and cdr format, the tape format  came in 100 pieces in silk screen fabric case, released by Roots Zine for issue #7 and is still available ,the cdr came in 100 copies with silk screen pocket folder and is sold out. Music wise this is heavy and brutal D-beat crust with some grindcore influences especially in the insane vocals. All song move almost in the same speed, there is the usual fast D-beat drumming, heavy guitar riffage that goes beyond the typical three chord riff and brutal growling vocals. There is no any tracklist printed on back cover but inside you will find a sheet with the songs, as for the lyrics you have to contact with the band. All songs stand equal and i listened this many times again and again, i liked much Price Of Blood, Behind This Nightmare and Dark End. Good heavy shit. You can contact the band for a copy since this is still available
Download link of four way split is from B C D blog  and split 7" link from Hardcore Disaster blog And as the band says "copy at will" here it is for you, get it. Time for some heavy grinding crust.


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