E.Coli-Demo Live Rehearsal 2004

Here is something that i should have posted long long time ago: E.Coli were a crust band from Greece, they formed in 2000 and called a day in 2004-05 or so, as far as know this demo is their only recorded material, i know them as band since 2005-06 and many times i thought of posting this demo but i in all cases i forgot to do it,  Stathis (vox) sent this mail a few months ago: "E.COLI were formed in summer of 2000 with basic members Crest (guitars) and Stathis (voice). Later, added Kostas (bass) and Paraschos (drums). In 2002 Crest and Kostas leave and in their place comes Orestis and Vasilis. In 2003 the band started doing some random recordings and in 2004 they made a live rehearsal demo cd with 6 tracks." and this seems to be their only recorded material.
Music wise this is heavy and rough '90's crust the way drunk Greek crusties play it: Metal edged riffs and rough shouted vocals,(lyrics in Greek), fast drum beat and decent sound kafrila, there is a Ska influenced song (Ska-smos translates Shut up) and another one influenced by grindcore (Grind-ia it means Grind stuff or something like that), there is a grindcore part in the ending of Mikrovia (Viruses) as well, no i can't compare them to any other well known greek band so check them and enjoy.
Link is provided by  the band.


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