Downpour is a quartet from Texas, United States and Cringe is their new release, they also have two more releases under their belt (Deluge and a Four way split tape). I don't know anything about them, a quick search gives many bands with this name and as for Texas there is a christian organization named Downpour hahahahha. Anyway, Cringe consists of nine songs including a Police Bastard cover, music wise delivers political anarcho-hardcore tunes with a lot of crust influences influenced by Endless Blockade, Dropdead, Fall of Efrafa, His Hero is Gone and Charles Bronson: There are pissed off and raging shouted vocals here, well written lyrics, noisy and raw guitars, fast blasting drums that many times slow down and other times speed on. Sound quality is raw but decent, this is offered for free in band's bandcam


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