Never Come Back-D-Beat Troopers demo tape 2010

D-Beat from Indonesia: Never Come Back hail from Tangerang, Indonesia, i know only a few about them, they started a few years ago, in 2007 they selfreleased  War Forever War, in 2010 D-Beat Troopers saw the light of day on tape format, i don't know if they recorded any other shit during these years, they appeared in several compilations incl.Total Fucking Madness cd (Dead Capitalist Records), Punk is not a Crime:Indonesian Punx: A Tribute To Punx Around The World mixtape and Free Aceh Punx Vol 1 mixtape by contributing tracks from the 2010 tape. If you know anything about them just add some lines here.
D-Beat Troopers brings twelve tracks including one Anti Cimex cover and nearly 23 minutes of D-beat in the vein of Discharge, Anti Cimex, Besthoven (the singer's voice reminds Fof√£o) and the likes. They don't reinvent the wheel but they manage to put some passion in their music.Go get it, dis is for D-beat maniacs.


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