A Fight with Sledgehammers-Dogmatic Deception 7"

I had a mail from Chux, member of the band and he forgot to add any link  but at least the name of band was there so i found out what is this about and it was really worth to check it: A Fight with Sledgehammers (AFS) come from Altoona, Pennsylvania, they formed in 2009 and were named after an Italian horror movie from 1902.  Dogmatic Deception is their seven inch ep released by Suburban White Trash Records and Leaf Lust Records, their discography includes also the eight track Another Cog to Turn the Wheel CDr demo, a detailed biography of band can be found in their site or in  Mohawk Radio.
Dogmatic Deception comes in the standard black and white vinyl, 676 copies were made and 227 came in white color. Music wise delivers six tracks of crusty anarchopunk with thick and heavy dual guitar attack that bring some leading guitar melody lines from time to time, dual rough shouted vocals and heavy pounding rhythm section.The sound quality is excellent, the last song seems to come from different recording session since it sounds  little different (or it is just the quality of mp3?), Lyric wise, hmm my ears can't catch the lyrics but a quick search in the web reviews proves that there are strong political messages in there and this is always welcomed. Not any bad shit to complain about.
This is available in bandcamp to stream and download it. Give it a listening and if you like it support the band and purchase a copy ( this is still available) or tell them what you think in their fb.


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