Våldsamt Motstånd-Demo promo 2012

Våldsamt Motstånd from Karlstad, Sweden sent this four tracks Promo demo (thank you guys) which is their forth demo after Lagen om alltings jävlighet, Högre tempo - djupare graver and Wermland which was posted in Crust Demos some months ago. The new Promo lasts over fourteen minutes and consists of four tracks, two of these are lengthy and last over four minutes each, Curse and Godnatt Tellus are slow/ mid paced and emotional with a pessimistic doomy/stenchcore feeling in the vein of Normal from Wermland demo while Judas and När de döda reser sig are faster with some slower breaks but without reaching the brutality, the speed and the in-your-face-feeling of Wermland or the previous demos. Thanks to the band for sending this, skål

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