Wretched of the Earth-Demo tape 2012

Wretched of the Earth come from Portland and include people from A//Political, Machine Gun Congress, Deterrorformed, Weekend Warrior and Squalora. This demo is a great recording, it was recorded in autumn 2011 and released in March '12 and it consists of six tracks of crust with metal influences: Powerful screamed vocals sometimes reminding of Bitty of Wartorn, heavy pounding bass, metal edged riffs with great leading parts and nice melodies, acoustic intros, many beat changes, fast outbreaks and slower/mid-paced epic/emotional parts and excellent sound quality in the level of official release. They remind a combination of Appalachian Terror Unit, Remains of the Day and Oroku in the darkening emotional parts, songs are lengthy and the demo lasts over thirty minutes. This is so great and beyond my expectations, honestly i didn't expect it so great, just listen it. I didn't see any band site except their bandcamp where they offer the demo for free and along with the mp3's you have the lyrics (great work too, "the tyranny of poisoned apathy of consumer bliss traded in blood"), if you know anything about them just drop a few words here and fill the blank lines. You can buy a copy from Tomorrow Belongs to Us distro/label/zine and in the package you will find a twelve page booklet with lyrics. The great news come from Yellow Dog: Vinyl release of demo,limited to 300 copies, screen printed cover and colored vinyl,comes out in April '12.
Wretched of the Earth was the Frantz Fanon's most famous work, written during and regarding the Algerian struggle for independence from colonial rule, that's why the anti-colonial D-beat in band's description


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