Hellcharger-Demo 2011

Morbid Black D-beat: Yes,this said it all: This is a blending of Discharge's D-beat and old old black metal of Hellhamer, Venom and Bathory. Hellcharger is a quartet from Monterrey, Mexico, they formed in 2011 and members are/were also in Disfuture, Headshot, Pandemonium666 and Treponel Pal. This is their promo demo which just came out on tape format by Nuclear Nightmare in only 66 copies. Here you got five tracks and thirteen minutes of the drunk D-beat of Discharge and Inepsy blended with the raw proto black metal of Hellhammer and Bathory and Motorhead's spirit in a hellish mixture smelling alcohol and hate. There is nothing else to add here, you can listen the demo in their Reverbnation or click below, the link was found in Last.fm


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please, you can upload this demo again