Warning//Warning-Nuclear cult (tape,2010)

Let's start the year with something chaotic as hell coming from France and including people from Gasmask Terror:I posted the first tape of Warning//Warning many moons ago (here), this is the second demo tape of Warning//Warning. titled Nuclear cult and released in 2010, and was the follow up to their first tape and My World 7" ( Flower Of Carnage/Kick Rock), 130 copies in red pro-tape were made and sold out, music wise it delivers twelve minutes of totally distorted, raw and chaotic hardcore with full guitar and bass distortion, insane yelled vocals full of reverb and chaotic drumming. This is close to Confuse, Gloom, Giftgassattack, Atrocious Madness and such noisy crashercrust acts. The dnwld folder comes with artwork scans and is provided by the band (actually all dnld links here are provided by the band), enjoy it :)


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