Möwer-Demo tape 2011

Möwer come from Pittsburgh USA and this is their four track tape released in the summer of 2011, they tag their music as "d-beat hardcore punk rock and roll thrash-core" and Cvult Nation has a cool review of it: "Black distortion, black feedback, black noize,this sleazy d-thrash band is kick ass plain & simple! This Pittsburgh band does not play their songs, they just fucking charge through them at break bones speed. When I listen to this band, I can hear & see the blackened flame coming off the guitar. MOWER have a couple different tempos to their d-boogie jams: fast, faster & just all out lightspeed, this is the type of music to start your day & you might beat up a cop! (read the whole review here), i don't have to say anything, they said it all (kali dikaiologia e?nai variemai) go and download it.



Anonymous said...


i'am from brasil!

my band and link for download music whit lyrics translate for english.

Disc: Dispor split Tropical Youth
Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?29sor2q24dt2uld


go punx!


Aterpe said...

Hello from Thailand !! i couldn find the email on the blog ... i sent you the demo from our band Aterpe ,
we are a Thai-Basque Country band , singing in Euskara the languague
of Basque Country , with the help of Thai friends we recorded
these 2 songs "Aurkitu bidea" ( find the way ) and "Ukatu ideia"
(deny the idea ) , early 7 seconds style with influence as well from basque country bands like Ezin Izan or Bap and a touch of crust, with lyrics about finding
your way in life and refusing to live by the "normal standards" ,
Aterpe the name of the band means Shelter or Refuge .
This is our webpage for anyone interested download the songs
Greetings from Thailand !!

7inchcrust said...

thanks so much both of you.i will post your demos as soon as possible,cheers and keep it up!

mikxxx said...

eisai oraios kai metras...
pou tis vriskeis autes tis mpantares re.....

7inchcrust said...

thanks Mike :)