Debacle-Demo tape 2010

This is brutal crust with grind elements from Melbourne, Australia: "Debacle started in may 2009 when the five of us started jaming together. we played our 1st show at the pony bar in Melbourne on Friday the 13th of November 2009. After playing our first few shows we recorded our 7 track demo tape in march of 2010 which we then launched at the Arthouse in Melbourne on the 28th of April 2010 with the help of Satori, Pisschrist and Mossuraya (Switzerland) it is now available from us. After 18 months of jamming, shows and set backs Woomby decided it was time to move back to Queensland so on Sept 11th 2010 at the Black Goat he played his farewell show,he shall be missed. Jimi decided to step up to take on the bass duties,as well as his vocal commitments. and on the 24th of Sept at Loophole we played our first show as a 4 piece. we are always keen for a show or two so get in touch if ya want us to play your show, hopefully we'll see ya at a gig sooner".This is on their myshit page,(they are also on shitbook) as said above the tape delivers seven tracks and thirteen minutes of brutal crust in the vein of Disrupt with deep low howling vocals, fast beat with some slower parts, still available from the band, score a copy of you like it



whispered into existence said...

Did you hear the Holy War demo?!? I saw them live recently & MAN THEY KILL! All of them teenagers & all the right influences, too - including cover versions of Sepultura & Chaotic End... I got you a copy :). (I have another goodie for you, too - more through email.)

7inchcrust said...

hi Whisp!its been an eternity since you were there before!!!!i hope everything is ok there, no i don't know Holy War (actually i accidentally found the Chaotic end cover by them on youtube but didn't listen it)and now after reading your comment a google search led me to a blog and i m downloading the demo (thanks for suggesting them),more through mail ;)