D-Beat Thing-Odio en las calles (2006)

The name says it all:D-Beat and D-Beat again by one man from Moraleja, Cáceres, Spain: This guy started his project in 2005 and Odio en las calles came out in 2006 bringing nine tracks and seventeen minutes of (what else?) D-Beat with dual vocal attack (deep low growls vs high pitched black metal shrieks),the whole shit reminds me the demo works of Disflesh (because of the vocals) but this is ever better,give it a listening and have some D-beat fun! Offered for free by Killer Pandereta Records


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Anonymous said...

First of all, I feel compelled to tell you that this project is totally awesome. I've discovered a bunch of new stuff because of that. This link doesn't work anymore. Could you upload it again?