Problem//Reaction//Solution- Police State Takeover cdr demo 2005

Problem/Reaction/Solution was formed in southern California, US around 2005, Police State Takeover is their seven track demo cdr recorded in '05, its their only recorded material and never released before the band broke up.
The seven songs last over 21 minutes and deliver metal driven melodic crust: Guitars are thick, the heavy riffs are followed by melodic leading parts, rhythm section moves from mid to fast yet steady pace and vocals dual attack (inhuman deep low growls vs angry shouts) just completes the crust Armageddon. The beginning of Mass Murder is the perfect crust version of Survivor's Eye of the Tiger, the sound quality is in very good level and lyric wise they deal with the usual crust topics (government and police oppression, war, etc):"We are dedicated to exposing the truth behind 9-11, the new world order, corruption and government sponsered terrorism worldwide". The demo had good reviews from Profane Existence and Slug n Lettuce (my curiosity made me search the issues i own but i miss the one that includes them), unfortunately they split before record any other shit and the demo was released a little later.
These days Police State Takeover have become my fav. demo, thanks to Mr Fandango who sent it.

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love this band!