Close to Collapse-Demo 2008

Close to Collapse formed in Palermo, Italy in 2007 by formed/current members of Throne Of Molok, Haemophagus, Shock Troopers and others. This is their sever track demo recorded in 2008 and brings aggressive D-Beat crusty hardcore, the demo lasts over seventeen minutes and the songs move in fast pace with a few mid-paced parts, D-beat guitar riffs, double vocal attack ((shouted vs high pitched growls) in Italian (one song is in English). Sound is dissent. Good shit, the band offers this for free but since link is dead get it from Punk4Free.



The Artist Formally Known As Agz said...

Alright bro just found this site when trying to find out about the acrostix split for my own blog so cheers I put a link on if you go to my site which I want ya to anyway cause I wanna know if ya wanna put our demo on mate here's the link every cunt is calleing us crusty & we are in a way only now where older & cleaner!! here's the link hope ya like it wanna swap links as well let me know http://agzdaredz.blogspot.com/2010/07/dr-aids-necroquegcuntcore-demo-2010.html cheers man & thanks for your time awesome site I'll be trawling through it soon STAY CRUST! Agz

7inchcrust said...

thanx,i ll give it a listening