Lakme-Demo cd 2006

This is dark and psychotic crust with screamed vocals, heavy riffs and emotional acoustic parts. Lakme come from Prague, Czech Rep and include members of Dakhma, this is their four track demo recorded in 2006, they seem to be in hiatus after one 7",one cdr,one lp and the still long awaited split 7" w Bökanövsky
The demo lasts for about ten minutes, lyrics are in their native language. Lakme's crust is dark and pessimistic and the intensity of riffs is helped by the screamed vocals. This is walking on the dark footsteps of Ekkaia, Alpinist, Downfall of a Gaia and such bands. Go get it



Tamás Kisbali said...

Wow, Dakhma and Lakmé are great bands, thanks for posting!!

Oh, by the way, maybe you should check out two Russian bands, Hospise (http://myspace.com/hospise) and Cut Out Illusion (http://www.myspace.com/cutoutillusion), if you don't know them already... Hospise is more along the lines of "modern" crust, Cut Out is more traditional shit.

I love your blog.

7inchcrust said...

evil scientist thanks for the comment and the links, both bands are cool